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What I’ve been doing today instead of what I was supposed to be doing!

29 Feb

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, been doing a lot of stuff today, but instead of doing those things (cleaning my house, garage, car, exercising, thinking of my next great business idea) I was doing these things instead:

#1 Chalking My Hair:

Pastel Chalk from Wally World (Walmart)

What my locks looked like after I chalked them:)

Messy, Cool and Fun, Easily washes out…there you have it!

You wanna try it?

2# Obtained A New Beauty Product:

This is the new BB Cream from Garnier. I just found out that these blemish balm creams are all the rage. They are supposed to give your skin that flawless Asian girl look. BB creams claim to provide a light foundation without clogging pores,  a moisturizer, a concealer, Anti-aging ingredients,  and SPF all in one little ‘ole container.

I slapped some on today and seems to work pretty good so far, comes in two shades, light and medium. I got the medium.  Goes on pretty well and I like the look of it on my skin.  In my opinion, it’s not much of a concealer though. It doesn’t feel greasy.  I think it’s a great light feeling makeup for runnin’ around town.  I think I may try some different brands in the future to see how they compare to this one. These are some other ones I wanna try eventually, Skin79, Missha M, and Dr. Jart.

#3 Thrifting-

Goodwill Fabulous Asymmetrical Sequin Top

This top speaks for itself. It pink, shiny and asymmetrical. How can you go wrong for three bucks and some change? I’m telling you ladies if you haven’t thrifted before, your missing out.

#4 Playing the Uke:

Love this thing, got it for my birthday and I am addicted to it. I take it in the car with me. My  daughter got one for her birthday too. We have started a fabulous band called… “The Two Ukes” (very original) don’t steal that:)

So, anyhoo,I did go to the grocery store to get something for dinner, so I was not completely slack.

Cleaning, working out, thinking, etc…in the wise words of Scarlett O’Hara  “I will think about that tomorrow”!



Shabby Chic Living Room Makeover!

28 Feb

Do you want to transition your living room from Winter to Spring in a jiffy? Well, this is how I did it, Ya’ll!

Before my spiffy little transformation my whole living room was dark, dark brown leather sofas, dark rug, dark lampshades and dark accessories.

After a couple of days of online searches, shopping and re-doing, I have managed to transform my entire living room into a comfy, bright and beautiful shabby chic room which I just am in LOVE with!

My secret weapon, slip covers! If you can sew, you can make your own, if your like me and just wish you could sew, you go buy some covers at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

These covers didn’t have the romantic shabby chic little ruffles on them, so I bought some bed skirts and tucked them under the cushions of the furniture to give me the look I wanted.

What I love about this shabby look is that anything goes!  If your budget doesn’t allow for slip covers right now,  you can just get yourself some  white sheets and do a quick throw and tuck on your existing furniture and change out some pillows.

Got all the pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond as well, Damask Europeons, Damask White Bolsters, off white flowery pillows. These pillows were a little expensive, but they feel like butter and I wanted to splurge on them to make the room feel comfy.

Here are a few other changes I made:

Lamp Shade-Target, Decorative Planter and Vase-TJ Max

I changed out my existing lamp shade with this beautiful Target shade and added a shabby chic crystal vase with some roses.

Cafer Club Chair

This is my favorite part of the makeover, my linen Cafer Club Chair. I found this chair at Marshalls and originally wanted two of them,  but they only had one in the store.  I came home and looked online and the online price was double the price of the Marshall’s chair,  so try to grab this at your local Marshalls if ya can.

Minimal bookshelves

I paired down the amount of accessories that I had on my bookshelves and replaced a  few of them with some shabby chic items.

Marshalls Silver Bowl and Green plant balls

Crystal candle holder and garden finials

Flying Pig- TJ Max and garden Letter accessory-Hobby Lobby

And you know the Stylish Piggy’s gotta have a pig around, check out this flying pig I scored at TJ Max.

I still can’t believe that this is the same dark living room as before. It is shocking how color effects your mood. Now I walk in this room every morning and I just feel light, bright and happy!

 Get some other shabby inspiration here!



Samples and Sluts: Birchbox, My Glam and Slutty Brownies

20 Feb


So first let’s talk about samples, beauty samples that is.

Have you heard about Birchbox and MyGlam, two new companies sending monthly beauty samples right to your little mailbox. You hit them with a 10 spot each month and they send you  4-5 samples that include anything from skin care and makeup to beauty tools and new products.

I signed up to each of the companies and this is what I got for February.

February Birchbox:

  • Glow and go Travel Puff  {LIKE}
  •  Eye Rock, stick on eyeliner {DIDN’T LIKE} having a sticker on your eyelid is just annoying
  •  Jouer, mini lip gloss {NUTTIN’ SPECIAL}
  •  Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy spray {LIKE}

Bonus gifts included a little Designer Fashion tape, so you don’t go around showing your boobies and a digital download by GreenRiver Ordinance

February  My Glam Bag:

  •  Dead Sea Mask {DIDN’T SAMPLE YET}
  • X Out Shine Control {LIKE}
  •  Nyx Roll On Simmer {LIKE} Full Size;)
  • Facial Hydration Mask{NUTTIN’ SPECIAL}

Bonus gifts included some chocolate squares and a gift card for

All and all this beauty sample thing is kinda cool, I like trying before I buy and I also like the idea of showering myself with monthly beauty treats and 10 bucks seems reasonable for what you get!

Now on to the Slutty part of this post…

When I was stumbling this morning, I saw this recipe for “Slutty Brownies” from the Londoner. I don’t know why but I love food with funny names and these things look so deliciously evil!

Brownie mix, cookie mix, Oreo’s and egg, apparently they’re very EASY,  if ya know what I mean…wink..wink:)

Click Here for recipe:

Now you can look beautiful while being slutty!




Burlap: Not Only for Sacks!

2 Feb

Oh, my gosh, ya’ll…I am completely obsessed with burlap lately. I want to cover my entire home, wardrobe and world in this stuff.

Check out this burlap bracelet from Brassy Apple. Cute, unique and easy to make!

Here’s a beautiful pair of very french looking burlap chairs.  Will be keeping the ‘ole eye out at the thrift for some similar chairs that I can transform!

Love these sweet little pillows you could make for Valentines day for your Hubs or craft them up and give them away as a wedding present!

I’d like to fashion up some kind of burlap dress for myself, like the dress below from Charles Anastase!

Bet ya didn’t know that burlap could be this exciting!



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