DIY Day: Food and Fashions

25 Jan


Mini Biscuit Chick Pot Pies, jicama and berries in balsamic

Since I have been on mission get in shape, I just love making mini foods. First of all cause they’re so super cute and secondly because they keep me from overeating, cause they are just the right size.

This was dinner last night, mini chick pot pies, Jicama and berries in balsamic. This a great low calorie low fat recipe. These pies were amazing and your husband will be “WoWed” by what looks like a little gourmet meal. Yeah, thas right, I did It myself…applause;)

Also I must mention to you that if you have never eaten Jicama before, you are missin’ out. This low calorie sweet crispy root is the BOMB. This turnipy lookin’ thing is actually a legume. To me,  it looks like raw potato but taste like a raw sweet green bean. You have GOT to try them!


#1 Color Blocked Pants

Look at that pop of color! Easy peasy DIY for spring, color blocking. I am gonna paint some of my husbands ‘ole khaki’s pink on the bottom!  How fun is that…Here’s what ya do!

#2  Raffia Tribal Necklace

You can make this beautiful exotic necklace with two items and two minutes. Love this? Make it!

You know I can’t pass up a thrift store DIY. Get any old lady skirt from the thrift and with a little cut and sew you can have this hip fishtail creation.

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2 Responses to “DIY Day: Food and Fashions”

  1. vickyb January 26, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    Weird!! Maizy and I just had a discussion about jicama yesterday. Her friend at school always has it for snack. Will have to try the mini’s. Great idea!

  2. stylishpiggy January 26, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    That is weird…It’s fate that you start eating Jicama..LOL! It really is so good and so fresh tasting:)

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