Become A Skinny Pig…Not Too Skinny Though!

11 Jan

Wanna shed some poundage and still eat what you love?

Here’s my five cents worth:

1) When planning meals take what you would normally make and try to make it as low fat and calorie free as possible by substituting healthier ingredients.

2) Now take your normal portion and cut it in half.

3) Don’t skip meals

4) Use sugar sparingly and avoid soda ( if you like your morning coffee with sugar, HAVE IT, just don’t have 10 cups of it)

5) Make your portion of veggies, bigger than your portion of meat.

Exhibit A:  last nights dinner, Potato Pizza, sounds good don’t it. Well it was and it was guilt free!

Here’s the Skinny:

90 calorie Flat out bread

50 calorie sliced canned potato

25 calorie bacon pieces

13  calories reduced fat parm

extra virgin olive oil

Throw a little salad next to that and your golden;)

If you’re a sweets junkie like I am, don’t worry, you can still get your sweet tooth on!  I keep semi-sweet chocolate morsels around, pop a couple of these after dinner and it’s all good.  I also love Skinny Cow candy bars which are awesome and don’t have that nasty diet candy bar taste.

Take yourself a daily stroll and SPLURGE on the weekend.  I had pizza and a Krispy Kreme doughnut last weekend. Remember you’re not on a diet, your just being creative and healthier with your food choices.

Let me know what you come up with;)



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