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Girly Junk Of the Day: Moody Lips and Sparkly Eyes

19 Dec

This cool blue lip stick caught my attention while cruising the make-up isle at Rite Aid. It’s Jesse’s Girl Mood Changing Lipstick  and when you put it on your lips, it magically changes from blue to a purply-pinky pretty lip stain.  This stuff goes on really smooth and lasts a very long time.  This ain’t no mood ring for your lips, as the name would have you believe, but for the bargain price of $2.99 it a neat little product.  Thumbs up on the cute packaging!

I really wanna try Jesse’s Girl glitter liners next… I’ve been on a glitter kick lately, you know what they say about glitter, it’s like herpes…you can never get rid of it. Ain’t it the truth, but I don’t care. I like it!

I was also at the mall this weekend Christmas shopping and  I stopped into Sephora to give myself a mini makeover. OMG… Firefly from Too faced is the bomb! This shadow is so darn pretty with its glowey gold sparkles. The glitter is subtle though, not street-walker, which makes it wearable during the day.  My guilty conscience wouldn’t allow me to purchase it for $18.00, cause I was shopping for other folks, but I will have to purchase this little gold treasure in the near future.

 Go ahead and stuff your stocking…you’ve been good this year!



Get Your Holiday Craft On With Epsom Salt Snow

14 Dec

 Having a Christmas shindig, need a cute gift or table centerpiece?

Use these simple, cheap and beautiful Epsom Salt Snow candles from the inspired room to enchant your guests.

Mason jars, candles, and epsom salt…that’s all ya need!

Put them in a basket or box with some pine greenery or slap on bow on them and you could give them as a gift or use them as a rustic centerpiece for Christmas Dinner!

May your Holidays be pretty!


Ribs Swimsuit by Black Milk…Weirdly Beautiful!

6 Dec

It’s a little cold outside for swimwear but feast your eyes on the Ribs Swimsuit by the ultra rad fashion label Black Milk. It’s what I like to call “weirdly beautiful” and its got my name written all over it.

You’ll look like skin and bones in this little number…LOL!



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