Me Likey! Lounge Pants, Karen Elson and Cookie Sheets

27 Sep

#1 Boyfriend Jeans Lounge Pants

Boyfriend Jeans Lounge Pants (mmm..what is this chic thinkin'?)

Feast your eyes on these super stinkin’ cute lounge pants that are made to look like your boyfriends jeans.  I am notorious for roaming around outside in my pj’s. Now I can do it without looking like I just rolled out of bed!

#2 Cool Music

OMG! I love this catchy little spooky tune, the truth is in the dirt, from Kate Elson (just in time for Halloween)

#3 Crafty Cookie Sheets

Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

Gotta make one of these for my kitchen!

It’s Tuesday, go get yourself a little happiness today:)



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