Thrift Store Inspirations!

31 Aug

It’s about that time to  head out to the thrift store again and here are some inspiration pieces that I will be looking for and hopefully some inspirations for your next trip!

Inspiration #1

Lalapalooza chick rocking her Grandma's asymmetrical polka dot skirt

Love, love this granny polka dot asymmetrical skirt! Gonna try to locate one of these and cut it to my liking.  Adore the blue belt with this, gotta keep an eye out for one of these:)

Inspiration #2

Patched Jeans hot off the 2011 Runways

Look  for some cool skinnies  to patch out, this look is hot off the runways for 2011.

Inspiration #3

D.A.R.E Tee

Stephanie from The Fashion Citizen was rocking out a D.A.R.E tee that she had cut up and I love this idea.  It’s nostalgic and I really am a “say no to drugs and violence” kinda of safety nerd. I have actually earned the name “safety Mom” from my husband and daughter! Whaaaaat…. I like being safe…..LOL.

Inspiration #4

Work Boots from Forever 21


Work boots are happening right now and these are new from forever 21, if I can’t thrift some cool work boots, I am gonna swoop up some of these for Fall!

You can find so many great vintage cool items at the thrift store and it won’t empty out your bank account like urban outfitters!  So get out there and start looking!!

(Piggy Tip:  if your having trouble putting something together, pick out (2) totally crazy looking items and wear them together, this is always easy, fun and fashionable)



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