Wanna be a Villainess? I Do!

24 Aug

Don’t you just love the name, Villainess?  The folks at Villainess.net are “redefining bad” with their super catchy and creatively evil named soaps and sinister looking  natural skincare products.

I felt cool and creepy just by merely looking at this site and could not resist the temptation to immediately start filling my shopping cart with unique smelling exotic soaps. You know I love my soap!

So here’s what I’m gettin:

ANTIHERO for my husband

ANTIHERO ( characteristic Scent: Well-worn sweaty leather, the acrid smoke of cigarettes, and a soft side of honey and vanilla)


VILLAINESS (characteristic Scent:Our signature scent - all ball gowns and combat boots. Raw, smokey leather and sweet vanilla musk engulfed in a sheer haze of exotic florals - ylang, neroli, jasmine, lilac and tuberose)

If you need a unique gift for someone, check out their S.W.A.G,  gorgeous gift packaging!

Use promo code STYLISH15 from now until 9/2/11 at Villainess.net  to get %15 off your entire order. They also throw in (2) free samples and even though they’re Villainess,  they don’t harm any animals in the making of these products, bonus!

Beautiful Creepy Soap Rocks…



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