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Thrift Store Inspirations!

31 Aug

It’s about that time to  head out to the thrift store again and here are some inspiration pieces that I will be looking for and hopefully some inspirations for your next trip!

Inspiration #1

Lalapalooza chick rocking her Grandma's asymmetrical polka dot skirt

Love, love this granny polka dot asymmetrical skirt! Gonna try to locate one of these and cut it to my liking.  Adore the blue belt with this, gotta keep an eye out for one of these:)

Inspiration #2

Patched Jeans hot off the 2011 Runways

Look  for some cool skinnies  to patch out, this look is hot off the runways for 2011.

Inspiration #3

D.A.R.E Tee

Stephanie from The Fashion Citizen was rocking out a D.A.R.E tee that she had cut up and I love this idea.  It’s nostalgic and I really am a “say no to drugs and violence” kinda of safety nerd. I have actually earned the name “safety Mom” from my husband and daughter! Whaaaaat…. I like being safe…..LOL.

Inspiration #4

Work Boots from Forever 21


Work boots are happening right now and these are new from forever 21, if I can’t thrift some cool work boots, I am gonna swoop up some of these for Fall!

You can find so many great vintage cool items at the thrift store and it won’t empty out your bank account like urban outfitters!  So get out there and start looking!!

(Piggy Tip:  if your having trouble putting something together, pick out (2) totally crazy looking items and wear them together, this is always easy, fun and fashionable)



Monday Meals: Cute Meat and Tators!

29 Aug

Why have  boring ‘ole rectangle meatloaf when you can add a whole lotta cuteness to your Monday meal with meatloaf cupcakes from the Tasty Kitchen!

You can even add some food coloring to the potato frosting if ya wanna get real fancy!

Click Here to see how you can get your cute on tonight;)

Happy Monday!



Chocolate Covered Karma

25 Aug

My husband has been on a do-gooder kick lately (good job, honey) and yesterday he went to give blood after work and came home with a free box of $25 dollar delicious chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements,  (I ate them and they were yummy). Yep, it was a good time at the ole blood bank yesterday, snacks, drinks and gift certificates for treats! Who knew?

Apparently,  karma does exist and you get what you give, most of the time anyway. Maybe, we could all try a little do-gooding!

Who doesn’t need a little Chocolate covered karma;)



Wanna be a Villainess? I Do!

24 Aug

Don’t you just love the name, Villainess?  The folks at are “redefining bad” with their super catchy and creatively evil named soaps and sinister looking  natural skincare products.

I felt cool and creepy just by merely looking at this site and could not resist the temptation to immediately start filling my shopping cart with unique smelling exotic soaps. You know I love my soap!

So here’s what I’m gettin:

ANTIHERO for my husband

ANTIHERO ( characteristic Scent: Well-worn sweaty leather, the acrid smoke of cigarettes, and a soft side of honey and vanilla)


VILLAINESS (characteristic Scent:Our signature scent - all ball gowns and combat boots. Raw, smokey leather and sweet vanilla musk engulfed in a sheer haze of exotic florals - ylang, neroli, jasmine, lilac and tuberose)

If you need a unique gift for someone, check out their S.W.A.G,  gorgeous gift packaging!

Use promo code STYLISH15 from now until 9/2/11 at  to get %15 off your entire order. They also throw in (2) free samples and even though they’re Villainess,  they don’t harm any animals in the making of these products, bonus!

Beautiful Creepy Soap Rocks…



Splendid Looki-like for Less!

19 Aug

Tie-Dyed Maxi Dress from Splendid

Tie-dyed Maxi from Splendid

A while back Vera Sweeney from Lady and the Blog had a post about Splendid and their awesome tie-dyed maxi skirts. Well I went to the Neiman Marcus website and these things were like $98.00-$148.00 bucks. Needless to say I moved right on even though I REALLY wanted one of them!

So yesterday I was at Rue 21 and spotted this great Splendid looki-like skirt on the sale rack $7.00. WoW!

Splendid looki -like from Rue 21

This skirt has that same super softy material just like the maxi from Splendid and has a very similar tie-dyed look. I am so excited!

I love a looki-like for less! (say that three time fast)

Happy Friday:)



X Marks The Spot!

18 Aug

Isn’t this the prettiest pinkish big girl drink you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

Well, I met X-rated last weekend at PF Chang’s. I had a PF-X and it was really one of the best drinks I have ever had!

I don’t really throw back alot of alcohol, but I think from now on when I do, X will mark the spot!

It’s Pink, it’s imported from France, it has a Naughty name and it’s Delicious…what more could a girl want?



Addicted: Hand Soap and Halloween

16 Aug

Hello, my name is stylish piggy and I’m addicted to hand soap and Halloween! (and a whole lot of other things…)

Check out my newest soap obsession, Ginger Rosewood (Plum Vine) by Fringe

There is something about glycerin soap that makes your hands feel so darn smooth, buttery and clean.

The only problem with this soap is that it smells so good,  you tend to look like a weirdee for smelling your hands all the time! You can order this frightfully addictive smelling soap from Amazon for $10 bucks!

Let’s Get this Halloween party started… shall we?

 We have already purchased our newest addition to our Lemax Halloween town for this year, Killer Clown Trailer.

Halloween Town

We also bought a couple of other rad items from Grandin Road.  If you sign up for their email list, they will send you a code for free shipping!

Venetian Victoria

Medusa Animated Bust

Even Snow White would not be able to resist these absolutely beautiful glossy black candy apples from Matt Bites!  I am definitely going to make these this year!

Don’t forget to subscribe if you think the pig is fabulous!



Eating My Cake: Coco De Coeur Tee

15 Aug

Coco De Coeur "Let Them Eat Cake" shirt

It took a little while but I finally rec’d my Coco De Coeur Let them eat cake tee.  It’s super soft and awesome!  I got mine in slouch neck, but you can get it in crew neck too. It’s a little pricey for a tee at $35,  but it was just something I had to have.  Love the slogan for Coco De Coeur”Born to Make a Mess”! Yep, that’s me….

I paired my tee with the jeans,  these awesome Mudd plum suede pumps and this leather flower cuff I got from Threads, a cool shop in downtown Aiken SC.

Leather cuff from Threads

I also threw some Lime Crime Dragon Scales magic dust on my eyes. This stuff is pretty rad and super pigmented. It’s like a brownie reddie dust with turquoise shimmer.

It was a good fashion day:)



Twisty Tuesday

9 Aug

Check out this crazy cute hairstyle that Abby from My Yellow Sandbox calls “Twist {ies}”!

Boy,  does this chick has some beautiful locks!  Jealous…..

She did a 30 hairstyles in 30 days challenge on her blog which includes some brilliant tutorials, so check it out!

Now we can all be beautiful for a whole entire month, thanks Abby:)



Brooklyn Decker inspired Summer Do!

2 Aug

Brooklyn Decker is so stinkin’ pretty and so is the cool summer hairstyle she rocked in the movie, Just go with it!

I thought I would give it a go today.

I sectioned off both sides of my hair into three ponytails . You can make them fatter or skinnier depending on how thick your hair is.

Then I braided all three ponytails on one side and then rubber banded them together once they were braided, you can add some colored rubber bands to give it some flair, but I didn’t have any so I just used plain ‘ole black.

Instead of braiding the other side,  I just left the three sectioned off ponytails. I thought that it gave it a little variation from one side to the other. There are really a number of different ways you could work this style depending on what look you want.

Of course, I don’t look as pretty as Brooklyn, but it’s darn cute just the same! Give it a whirl, perfect for a pool or beach look or a back to school bohemian style!



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