Weekend Trough Report, What Did the Piggy Eat?

25 Jul
River Street Old Fashion Pecan Pralines

River Street Old Fashion Pecan Pralines

Let’s start the journey off with these World Famous old fashion pecan pralines from River Street Sweets in Charleston SC, those evil genius’  know just what they’re doing giving away those free samples, one little bite of these buttery, sugary, nutty treats sent us runnin’ to the counter for more!  Good thing I got their catalog cause I need these things! Although a little pricey, I think these would make a great gift.  I know I’d be happy to get these any day of the week:) Feel free to send some to me..LOL!

While strolling down the beautiful streets of Charleston, I spotted the Savannah Bee Company. I love Honey, I use it for a wide variety of things. I had been wanting to get a whole honeycomb but couldn’t find it in the store so I was really excited to get this!

 Check out this tasty dessert tray I whipped up,  tea biscuits, swiss wedges and mascarpone cheese,  blackberries and one sweet honeycomb. Almost too beautiful to eat!

Taco Boy, Folly Beach SC

Some friends of mine steered me to Taco Boy in Folly Beach! Well, with a name like Taco Boy, who could resist. This is the Mahi Mahi and Carnitas taco, throw in a little cowboy beans and there you have it.

Big thumbs up to the atmosphere of Taco Boy! I can’t say, I loved the tacos, my pork had a little too much cinnamon and my Mahi tasted a little like fair food, but the guacamole was Super tasty! Would definitely give it a second shot as the cook may have had a hangover that day!

Good Ole Southern Sunday Dinner

My favorite part of the my weekend pig out was the good ole southern Sunday dinner I had (thanks Harriet). Feast your eyes on these fresh from the garden veggies, macaroni and cheese, and chicken and stuffing casserole.  I topped it off with a homemade German chocolate cake. Oh boy,  southern cooking rocks!

I think I may still be full, but I hope to do it again soon!

What did you eat this weekend?


2 Responses to “Weekend Trough Report, What Did the Piggy Eat?”

  1. Starr July 25, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    Glad you got to check out Taco Boy! Their guacamole is the best!!! I only get their sauteed shrimp tacos, and I have only been to their location on Huger St in downtown…but I do love their atmosphere!!! Sounds like a great day in Charleston!!!

    • stylishpiggy July 25, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

      I am really glad we went, love the atmosphere, very cool! Will check out the downtown location next time, didn’t realize that had two locations until we were already in Folly:) The drinky drinks looks good too, but it was too hot for all that! We had a blast, love Charleston!

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