To New Best Friends and Vintage Hats!

6 Jul

My New Best Friend

Every wasp and yellow jacket in South Carolina has come to the only watering hole within 10 miles…my swimming pool. When I say EVERY, I’m not exaggerating. Swatting these suckers has become an Olympic sport at our house. We have already broken one swatter and are working on our second.  My daughter has been stung twice already and they are just a complete drag.

We have tried just about every homemade bee trap on YouTube and this morning the bug man came and bombed my attic. Oh, Billy the Exterminator, where are you?

Oh, twell…you can’t control the country. Luckily we have moved to the most beautiful place in the world or else I might get bitchy.

On the fashion front, check out this awesome vintage hat my mom bought for me! I can’t wait to wear it out, thanks Mom!

Vintage Red Velvet Hat

Until next time piggies…

xoxofashionxoxbut not bees:)


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