Campfire Fun: Hobo Eclairs

2 Jun

Summer is almost here and since I’m moving to the country,  I am looking forward to loads of campfires!

I spotted this brilliant idea on EAD Living for hobo eclairs and I almost flipped out.  For one I love the word hobo and two, these things look darn delicious.

It calls for unpainted broomsticks, which most people don’t have an abundance of just lying around the house, so just go to Lowes or your local craft store and buy some unpainted dowel rods.

Once you have your rod, you slather the end with butter and then wrap a crescent roll around it and roast it till its puffy. You take it off, spray some whip topping in the hole and add the chocolate on top.

My…oH My…life is good:)

Being a hobo piggy this summer is gonna be a blast…Oink!



2 Responses to “Campfire Fun: Hobo Eclairs”

  1. Mark June 2, 2011 at 9:32 am #

    Is there a Hobo Devil cake around the corner?

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