Mirrored Furniture…So Glamy!

1 Jun

 We just closed on our new house, so I’m off the fashion (for the moment) and on to furniture!

Mirrored furniture is so hot right now. Feast your eyes on the Borghese mirrored buffet, isn’t it dreamy! I originally saw this on Horchow, when they had their “Win everything in your shopping cart contest” up to $15,000.

Guess what? I didn’t win,  so weird!  Horchow’s evil plan worked though, because I was already obsessed with this pricey little buffet sitting in my cart. I immediately started shopping the piece around and found that Zgallerie had the best deal coming in at $1099.00 with 10% off.

Although my precious will arrive in two months and Zgallerie’s shipping rates are down right ridonkculous, I couldn’t be happier, unless my precious arrives broken.

I’m a little nervous about a mirrored piece of furniture sloshing around in a boat in the middle of the ocean and then rolling around in a truck for lord knows how long,  so keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?

Everybody needs a little Glam in their lives, what kind of Glam do you have, do tell!



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