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Wild Berry Thing…You Make My Heart Sing!

22 Jun

Wendy's Wild Berry Tea

These past few days I have been dragging myself around the universe hunting and gathering treasures to decorate my house.

You’d think I had moved to the surface of the sun cause geesh… it is HOT. The only thing that is keeping me from bursting into flames is Wendy’s new wild berry tea!

This stuff is super duper delicious.  I hate to use the word refreshing (cause it sounds so dorky) but that’s what it is. This 100 calorie drink is not overly sweet and seems to have just the right balance of tea and fresh berries.

Oh, wild berry tea thing, you really do make my heart sing…you make everything groovy …Oh, wild thing!



Hey Toto, I don’t think we’re in Florida anymore!

20 Jun

Stylish Piggy is back ya’ll, coming at you now from South Carolina or as I like to refer to it as “South Kackalacki”.

We have had an exciting first week here on the farm.  Our satellite dish was practically ripped out of the roof (twice) by some crazy storms,  a tree fell on our fence, we’ve got birds and lots of them, were overrun with hornets and bugs of unknown origin and my husband has gone from business man to bug man overnight. Oh and did I mention a wild pig ran through our yard. This must be a sign that the Stylish Piggy is home!

Looks like the adventure has just begun! The best thing so far about being in the country is getting to wear my hunter boots on a daily basis!

I am about to drop the “F” bomb people.  Food, Fashion and now “Farm”. Loves it!

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The Pig is On The Move!

9 Jun

It’s finally moving day! Will be back online soon, if I can get internet in the stix!

Tata for now!


Five Dollar Fedoras

8 Jun

Alright ladies looky what I found yesterday at CVS, on my mission for packing tape,  these ultra cool, great fitting, not cheapy looking,  stylish fedoras.

Yes, CVS, the drugstore! Who knew that you could get your drugs and your stylish accessories all in one place, groovy:)

But wait, you didn’t hear the best part yet, they were $5.00 each!

 Oh, how I love to stumble upon a drugstore treasure. A trip to CVS might be in your future?



Campfire Fun: Hobo Eclairs

2 Jun

Summer is almost here and since I’m moving to the country,  I am looking forward to loads of campfires!

I spotted this brilliant idea on EAD Living for hobo eclairs and I almost flipped out.  For one I love the word hobo and two, these things look darn delicious.

It calls for unpainted broomsticks, which most people don’t have an abundance of just lying around the house, so just go to Lowes or your local craft store and buy some unpainted dowel rods.

Once you have your rod, you slather the end with butter and then wrap a crescent roll around it and roast it till its puffy. You take it off, spray some whip topping in the hole and add the chocolate on top.

My…oH My…life is good:)

Being a hobo piggy this summer is gonna be a blast…Oink!



Mirrored Furniture…So Glamy!

1 Jun

 We just closed on our new house, so I’m off the fashion (for the moment) and on to furniture!

Mirrored furniture is so hot right now. Feast your eyes on the Borghese mirrored buffet, isn’t it dreamy! I originally saw this on Horchow, when they had their “Win everything in your shopping cart contest” up to $15,000.

Guess what? I didn’t win,  so weird!  Horchow’s evil plan worked though, because I was already obsessed with this pricey little buffet sitting in my cart. I immediately started shopping the piece around and found that Zgallerie had the best deal coming in at $1099.00 with 10% off.

Although my precious will arrive in two months and Zgallerie’s shipping rates are down right ridonkculous, I couldn’t be happier, unless my precious arrives broken.

I’m a little nervous about a mirrored piece of furniture sloshing around in a boat in the middle of the ocean and then rolling around in a truck for lord knows how long,  so keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?

Everybody needs a little Glam in their lives, what kind of Glam do you have, do tell!



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