Pickled Feet and Fashion

16 May

Oh, it’s a fine Monday! I woke up to the birds singing and the sun shining and found that my feet and hands were back to their normal size again, well thank goodness!

I don’t like to gripe, okay, sometimes I do,  but the amount of salt in restaurant food is getting down right ridiculous!  Which brings me to an important question of the day,  Is there a government conspiracy or some evil mastermind curling a mustache somewhere with a plot to take over the world by pickling us all one at a time?

How much salt are these folks really using in my tasty restaurant cooked meal and is it really necessary? Next time I feel like going out to dinner, I think I’ll just stay home and eat a shaker full of salt. Do you have the sneaking suspicion you’re being pickled as well?

Okay, I’m done whining,  check out this pink fedora I scored at H&M and this black flower bracelet I got from Charming Charlie this weekend. Love these stores!



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