Fake Bake Yourself with Cocoa!

5 May

Hershey’s Cocoa, great for baking and also great for fake baking, your body that is!

Wanna  sun kissed bronzy look on the cheap, put a little cocoa on a brush and apply it to your cheeks.

Also, if your scared of using self tanners on your face and ending up like an Oompa Loompa for a week, cocoa can make a great temporary natural self tanner. You just mix a little cocoa with some white lotion and apply it on your face or whatever body part you want to tan up. {Hint: don’t over rub this stuff or you’ll get little choco-balls}

This is such a neat little cost effective and easy way to get a little color and it smells absolutely fantastical! You may need to steer clear of boyfriends, husbands and animals while wearing your cocoa, as this may cause them to wanna to lick your face!

 If you have allergies,  you might opt to do a small test on your skin ahead of time.



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