Hollister and Ham Biscuits, Ya’ll!

21 Apr

 I thrifted these rad Hollister pants this week at the local Goodwill! They were brand new with the tags on for $3 bucks! They are stretchy chords which makes for a great fit and they have a cute flower belt.  That’s the Hollister part of this post.

Now for the ham part! I got my monthly cooking with Paula Deen magazine yesterday and this recipe for Country Ham Biscuits with Orange-Pecan Butter screamed at me “you need country ham and you need it now”! Well, I was too tired and lazy to go to the store yesterday, but I am headin’ there today to get my ingredients. This would be a perfect breakfast to entertain weekend guests with or just the perfect thing to entertain yourself with anytime. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




2 Responses to “Hollister and Ham Biscuits, Ya’ll!”

  1. Tim April 26, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    Like you, this recipe SCREAMED at me to create it for myself – or, at least, gaze at the image whilst smacking my lips. I was visiting a friend for Easter, saw this mag and immediately turned to the Derby recipes (and, of course, the fried chicken recipe). I haven’t made it yet but hope to very soon. Happy eating!

    • stylishpiggy April 27, 2011 at 6:55 am #

      Don’t forget to soak your country ham in water a bit before cooking, if ya don’t, it’s a salt fest! Happy eating to you as well:)

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