Insane Easter Dessert, The Cherpumple!

20 Apr

Wanna make a really insane and unique Easter dessert? Let me introduce you to ‘The Cherpumple”!

The Cherpumple is the creation of Charles Phoenix,  a pop culture humorist. The Cherpumple  is basically a “Monster” Pie Cake. You bake a frozen apple pie inside a layer of  spice cake from a box; a pumpkin pie in a layer of golden cake; and a cherry pie in a layer of white cake. Then you smear on  a couple of tubs of Duncan Hines cream cheese frosting and there you have it!

I have decided to delight my family with one of these chaotic cakes on Easter Sunday, Yee haaaa!

To jazz it up for Easter you could add a little food dye to the frosting to make it Springy or tie dye it. For a more dramatic approach you could have a flaming Cherpumple, just put a little lemon extract in a puddle on top of your cherpumple and light before serving. I’ll probably skip the flame as I like to have hair in my Easter photos…LOL!

Will they love my cherpumple or will I be lovingly named the Mayor of Crazy town?

If you want to bust out one of these crazy cakes for your peeps, watch Charles in action in the video below!



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