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Vintage Fashion: The Pillbox Hat

27 Apr

I have a fascination with vintage fashion and have always been in love with the idea of “ladies being ladies” with their hats, dresses and gloves.

This photo of Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime Make-up is just fabulous! Look how beautiful she is in her vintage pillbox flower hat!

As soon as I saw it, I began scouring ebay for a look-alike hat which unfortunately I did not find.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a unique assortment of other vintage hats to make you feel like a little lady! This could easily become my new obsession I’m afraid!

Vintage hats are a really cool and affordable way to make a unique fashion statement. Hooray for being a lady!



Hollister and Ham Biscuits, Ya’ll!

21 Apr

 I thrifted these rad Hollister pants this week at the local Goodwill! They were brand new with the tags on for $3 bucks! They are stretchy chords which makes for a great fit and they have a cute flower belt.  That’s the Hollister part of this post.

Now for the ham part! I got my monthly cooking with Paula Deen magazine yesterday and this recipe for Country Ham Biscuits with Orange-Pecan Butter screamed at me “you need country ham and you need it now”! Well, I was too tired and lazy to go to the store yesterday, but I am headin’ there today to get my ingredients. This would be a perfect breakfast to entertain weekend guests with or just the perfect thing to entertain yourself with anytime. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Insane Easter Dessert, The Cherpumple!

20 Apr

Wanna make a really insane and unique Easter dessert? Let me introduce you to ‘The Cherpumple”!

The Cherpumple is the creation of Charles Phoenix,  a pop culture humorist. The Cherpumple  is basically a “Monster” Pie Cake. You bake a frozen apple pie inside a layer of  spice cake from a box; a pumpkin pie in a layer of golden cake; and a cherry pie in a layer of white cake. Then you smear on  a couple of tubs of Duncan Hines cream cheese frosting and there you have it!

I have decided to delight my family with one of these chaotic cakes on Easter Sunday, Yee haaaa!

To jazz it up for Easter you could add a little food dye to the frosting to make it Springy or tie dye it. For a more dramatic approach you could have a flaming Cherpumple, just put a little lemon extract in a puddle on top of your cherpumple and light before serving. I’ll probably skip the flame as I like to have hair in my Easter photos…LOL!

Will they love my cherpumple or will I be lovingly named the Mayor of Crazy town?

If you want to bust out one of these crazy cakes for your peeps, watch Charles in action in the video below!



e.l.f. Makeup: If the Price Fits, Buy it!

18 Apr

Ran up on this new product line at Target just recently, with its great name and simple stylish black packaging, I did a double take when it came to its pricing. All the products were basically under 5 dollars. My interests were certainly peaked at that point.

So this is what I picked up:

I really like tinted moisturizer and I use them all the time because they just seem lighter than regular make-up and they provide some color and sunscreen. Well, this stuff goes on smooth and has a creamy consistency. Love the way it feels on my face and it’s not harsh on your eyes at all, meaning it doesn’t feel like someone put acid on your eyeball if a little of it happens to get in there. They could fill the tube up a little more, but for 3 bucks it seems to make sense. Thumbs up!

To set the tinted moisturizer I got this Translucent Matifying Powder. This light weight powder does just what it claims, gives your face a light smooth matte finish! Yep…I like it and it was 3 dollars.

I also got this Wet Gloss Lash and Brow mascara. One side for a more defined lash without using color which is cool and one side to shape your brow. This stuff made my brow a little crunchier than I normally like though. I might prefer just to use my normal method and putting a dab of hair pomade on my brows, but if your going somewhere where you really want to hold the shape of your brow, this does a great job for just a buck!

I saved the best product for last! These Make-up Remover Cloths are the bomb! Most of the cloths that I have used in the past really burn my face and eyes. These $3 wipes not only remove all your make-up but they are large, super gentle and leave your skin feeling like you just used a moisturizer.  I will not be using anything but these from now on!

Apparently,  elves are good at making Christmas presents, cookies in trees and make-up, who knew?

I look forward to trying all the e.l.f. products! Hooray for budget products that do the job:)



Thrifty Thursday Week 7: Foxy Folksy meets Marvin the Martian

14 Apr

It’s week 7 of Thrifty Thursday and I found this awesome foxy Folksy dress from Platos Closet! This cream tunic dress by Lucky Brand has this cool vintage looking rose stitching.  I paired the dress with these leather ponytail gloves that I got when we went to Cherokee, TN last summer for about two bucks.

This new dress with the tags still on retails for $119, I got it for $15.

What I am most excited about though that I got in this weeks hunt was these totally rockin’ “Marvin the Martian” style boots by Blowfish Malibu that I also scored at Plato’s. These were new as well and retail for about $40 but I got them for $10!

What fashion deals have you run up on lately?



4Rivers Smokehouse: Winter Garden

13 Apr

4Rivers Smokehouse is a brand new restaurant that opened last week in Winter Garden FL that we had heard rave reviews about. This is a 2-chain restaurant owned by a Floridian turned Texan, John Rivers, he stepped out of 20 years in corporate America to pursue his dream of opening a traditional Texas smokehouse in Florida as a platform to introduce his 18-hour, slow-smoked Angus brisket in what was otherwise considered a pork dominated market.

When pulling up to the restaurant the first thing we noticed was that the line literally was wrapped around the outside of the building.  One the causes of this long line is that they have cafeteria style ordering where you order each item as you go down the line. Well, even though the line was long,  it didn’t take more than 20 to 25 minutes until we were seated and ready to chow down!

I ordered the brisket sandwich with fried okra and french fries and cornbread. I had a hard time deciding which sides to get as everything looked delicious. My husband got fried pickles and macaroni and cheese which I also sampled.  This is a restaurant that I would definitely come to again. The brisket was amazing and all the sides were tasty.

The restaurant had a good feel to it with its selection of nostalgic sodas and it’s copper sinks to wash your grubby hands in after pigging out (pun intended)! You’ll certainly leave with a major sugar high from their awesome dessert counter. We got a red velvet cup cake and a carrot cake cupcake. The red velvet was groovy while the carrot cake was something that I wouldn’t walk a mile for, but still good.

Overall this restaurants friendly staff mixed with good BBQ is a place that you can probably count on to be consistently good and reasonably priced!

Secret tip: if your short on time, call in your order on the way over and then pick it up at the to go window and have a seat at any of the picnic tables to enjoy there.

Thumbs up to 4rivers and it’s Angus! (don’t enjoy saying that word, maybe I’ll call it Frangus)



Snackwell’s White Fudge Caramel Popcorn

12 Apr

Apparently, I’m a sucker for product packaging, cause this new white fudge caramel popcorn from Snackwell, with its stylish green and pink zebra stripes,  really caught my eye at the store this weekend.

This morning I had a little sampling of these buttery white chocolaty popcorn nuggets and wowee, wow, wow…Delish!  Since this was a buy one get one, I got the chocolate kind too, Which I definitely wouldn’t walk a mile for. It tasted a lot like coffee flavored popcorn. I love my coffee, but I don’t want it on my corn.

The only drawback to this snack is that I wanted to eat another bag after finishing the first one,  they don’t call me the stylish piggy for no reason!

Happy stylish snacking:)



A Beautiful Mess… Messy Updos!

8 Apr

Love this look! Gonna wear this next time I hit the town:)

Get out your teasing combs cause messy hairstyles are so” HOT” right now! This style really works for me cause I’ve been doing a  messy birds nest on top of my head for years (cause I’m lazy) but now I get to have messy hair and look trendy at the same time. Messy looks are simple and quick and the messier the better!


The messy top knot birds nest

Want a messy birds nest? Here’s how:

  • Pull the hair up into a very high ponytail on the top of the head
  • Divide the ponytail into several sections then tease each section with a comb, creating lots of volume and texture (it should look a little crazy right now so don’t be alarmed… it will soon be tamed!
  • Brush the ponytail out just a little bit to even out the texture, then wrap the hair around the ponytail to create a messy topknot.
  • Secure with bobby pins all the way around
  • Spray with hair spray

Beautiful messes, I love putting those two words together.

Happy Weekend!



Thrifty Thursday Week 6: Farm Girl Fabulous!

7 Apr

Thrifty Thursday Week 6: Farm Girl Fabulous

It’s Thrifty Thursday week 6! This weeks look was inspired by my upcoming move to the country. So I call this look farm girl fabulous!

I spent about $5.50 and this is what I got!


Ralph Lauren men’s tuxedo shirt $3.50

American Eagle Outfitters weaved belt $2.00

Grand Total: $5.50


I am lovin’ this shirt! This is right in line with the style trend “boyfriend Clothes”,  except this is not my boyfriend’s shirt, cause I don’t have one, well maybe it was someone else’s boyfriend’s shirt, so that counts! Thanks to whomever’s shirt this was for passing it down, It’s fabulous!

Do you like to wear your husband’s or boyfriend’s clothes?



Fresh and Simple Springy Salsa!

6 Apr

I wanted something fresh and springy today, so I decided to make some of my favorite salsa! This little packet from Publix is a jewel.

It really is as easy as the package says, mix some tomatoes, onions and this packet together and give it 30 in the fridge and boom, fresh springy salsa! This is a mild salsa but the red onions add just the right amount of heat:)

Get yourself some tortillas or throw some of this on a crispy baguette and you’ve got some killer Mexican bruschetta! Great for an impromptu get together, light lunch or late night snackypoo!



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