Want it Wednesday: Lime Crime Makeup

16 Mar

Dragon Scales by Lime Crime

Lime Crime is an awesome makeup line developed by this incredibly cool and unique chick named Doe Deere! I need a cool name like that. Anyhoo, I have had this site bookmarked under my favs for quite a while. I go there each week placing an item or two in my cart and then when I get to checkout, my poor little order always gets abandoned. The reason,  I just can’t decide what I wanna get. I just want it all! Who could resist cosmetics with a slogan “So bright, it’s illegal”!

Dragon Scales Pigment

So I finally decided on Dragon scales eye pigment (Terracotta brown illuminated from within with turquoise shimmer).




Other fabulous items I can’t wait to get are: New Yolk City, a super fly Yellow lipstick and Coquette Opaque Lipstick!



I shopped them around to try to find a deal but found that Lime Crime products were pretty much the same price on ebay and other sites,  lipsticks $16 and pigments $14.  I did find a coupon for 10% off at Lime Crime, code fb10, on retailmenot.com.



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