Thrifty Thursday Week 2: Vintage Summer!

10 Mar

Thrifty Thursday Week 2-Vintage Summer

So this is Week two of Thrifty Thursday!

I love this look and what luck to run up on this cool vintage bird purse (birds are my thing). I swear we had a sofa made of this same material back in the day. Give me a shout out if you had that sofa too!  Fun Stuff:)

P.S. I just noticed that for some reason I am looking up in all my photos? Apparently, this is my goto model look;) If you want to see more photos of me looking up,  please SUBSCRIBE!

Forever 21 tube sweater        $4.00

Brown Mossimo Skirt             $3.00

Candies Brown vintage Mules  $7.00

Super FLY handmade vintage bird purse $5.00


Grand total 19.00 (applause)







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