Bubble Gum Martinis in honor of Fat Tuesday!

8 Mar

I am such a girly girl and pink is my signature color.  In honor of Fat Tuesday, I decided to share this recipe with ya for Bubble gum infused vodka!

8 oz vodka
8 pieces bubble gum (do not use sugar-free)

Combine the vodka and gum in a container with a lid and allow to sit for 12 – 24 hours.

Now once you have your vodka infusion, you can make the prettiest pinky bubblegum martini in the world!

1 oz bubble gum vodka
2 oz lemonade

Run a lemon slice over the rim of martini glass and then dip in sugar. In a martini shaker, combine the vodka and lemonade over ice and shake. Pour into martini glass and enjoy.

Also, I was thinking that this would be great for a girls night out or house party. You could actually just give each guest a piece of the vodka soaked gum…a shot of gum, how fun! Obviously, this gum not suitable for anyone under 21:) Sorry kiddies!

Thanks to A Cozy Kitchen for this awesome idea!



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