Get Your Groupon!

8 Mar

Outfit of the evening: Forever 21 balloon dress, Modcloth peacock tights,black ballet flats!

Last Saturday night we got our first Groupon! You know Groupon, that cool website that offers a daily deal on some groovy stuff.  We got our group coup for Vines Bar and Grill, a locally owned boutique restaurant that boasts exquisite dining in a chic atmosphere. Well it was very chic with its video fire wall, jazz band, and zen fountain but the dining…not as exquisite and definitely not worth a $100 for 3 glasses of wine, 2 soups, and 1 shared entrée. Thank goodness for our Groupon, which took $35 off the bill!

I must say Saturday’s outfit of the evening was smashin’. Peacock tights rock!!!



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