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Date with a Fugly Fish

14 Feb

This completely fugly fish is a Monkfish. Rightfully holding the title as the ugliest fish in the world. However, this fish is also known to have a sweet and mild taste and lean texture comparable to a lobster. This fish is sometimes referred to as “poor man’s lobster”. I love to research foods and have been wanting to try this fish for quite some time. I have to tell you though, expectations can sometimes be a real bummer, as the general consensus of this ugly fish was unanimously… delicious!! So I was super geeked up about trying it out!

The moment of truth arrives as my drunken Monkfish, the nightly special at Bonefish,  was set before me. Well it certainly looked pretty and smelled great.  A fried Monkfish fillet on a bed of rice and spicy Chinese veggies.

Monkfish lowdown:

– somewhat sweet, but virtually tasteless

-nice white stringy texture

-Frying is not the way to go with this fish.

Overall, this Monkfish dish was good, a little bit of a let down,  as frying this fish,  zapped all the flavor out of it,  definitely would have been much better prepared a different way. Next time,  broil that sucker and slap some butter on it! Turn that fugly fish into a lovely little dish;)

At least I didn’t look fugly in my cute jumper that I have been dying to wear.


This is a no name jean jumper that I got from a specialty shop, while on a trip. I think the big booby bow is completely sweet and unusual. Love it!!!


Happy Valentines to you all..have a sweet day!



Hit the Target!

11 Feb

GO International is an innovative program designed to provide affordable fashion created by emerging designers.

This is one of my favorite dresses from the Go International collection from Target! Starting March 13th, 2011, Target is re-issuing 34 dresses from past Go International collections! I will definitely be hitting the Target for these.

I heart affordable fashions:)



Rock On…Red Velvet!!!

10 Feb


Do you know what that means? Well, it means I am a year older, but most importantly it means, birthday cake time! Thanks to Paula Deans Grandmother, I have hooked myself up with the bestest Red Velvet Cake on the planet!

Since my husband can’t have any right now and my daughter won’t eat it (cause it’s too fancy, with all the nuts and coconut).  I may just have to polish off this delightfully,  delicious rockin’ red velvet cake all by myself. What a shame! (wink, wink)

Is your birthday soon? You should bake yourself one!



Pretty as a Peacock!

8 Feb

Accessories…they are definitely, my thing.With that said,  these eye-catching peacock leggings are a must have and would look so cool with a little dress or shorts and ankle boots. They provide just enough flair to get that second glance from passers-by. These are from Mod Cloth,  my new favorite website for cool accessories!



Simple, Salty and Southern (crackers and milk)

7 Feb

Now if you didn’t know, I’m a true Southern Girl,  born and bred in the great state of South Carolina. For those of you are aren’t from the South, this lovely concoction pictured above is saltine crackers and milk.  This is a take on the southern staple, cornbread and milk. Now don’t turn your nose up till you try it. It is super delicious!

Crackers and Milk

Step 1: Get yourself some fat-free saltines

Step 2: Get yourself a cup, jar, or trough

Step 3: Place crackers in your cup and crush

with your spoon

Step 4: pour milk over the crushed crackers

Step 5:  add a dash of salt and pepper, if you like…

Step 6: enjoy

Simple, Salty, and Southern



Wish for Round Fish

5 Feb

Well, I finally got my wish for fish. Popcorn Fish, that is.

I saw this new product by SeaPak on Lady and the blog a few months ago. At the time, it wasn’t out in stores and Seapak was just letting some bloggers try them out.  Well,  I couldn’t wait to get my piggy paws on these lovely little lower calorie delicious round fish nuggets.

I began stalking the frozen food section at a variety of grocery stores for what seemed like an eternity. Until yesterday. There they were, buy one get one free! I looked around as if I were on some kind of secret mission, then  grabbed up my fish balls and headed for the checkout.

Well, these little nuggets cooked up golden brown and non- greasy in the oven. They didn’t have the strong aroma of your average fish stick, which was a good sign. Anticipating the first bite, I was hoping for a light, flaky, fluffy white fish fiesta, as pictured on the front of the bag…and then reality hit.  “Well, heck”, I exclaimed!  This ain’t nothing but your run of the mill rectangle fish stick shaped into a ball. Dang…I think my expectations were a little on the high side for this newly shaped creature of the sea, but since I’m fully stocked, I intend to give these suckers another go.

Update: just popped a couple of these little fish balls in my mouth straight from the fridge, yum! This is the way to go. Throw a couple of drops of malt vinegar on them and go to town.

Roundish fish are definitely better than rectangular fish!



P.S.-I wanna make this!

3 Feb

So, yeah…I’m a wannabe!

Today, I am a wannabe fashion designer and this cool and easy idea for a cut out sweatshirt from P.S.-I made this is just the thing to satisfy my desire. Grab yourself a sweatshirt and and some scissors and go to town, that’s what I’m gonna do!



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