You Want Chocolate? Bake This!

25 Feb

Best Chocolate Sheet Cake, EVER!!

So this morning I have chocolate on the brain, which brought chocolate sheet cake (also referred to as Texas sheet cake) to my evil piggy mind.

Boys and Squirrels, put your aprons ’cause looky what I found, a great recipe for  The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake, Ever!!!  No explanation needed as the title says it all, no kidding. As a little girl, my Gram used to bake this cake for me and I would gobble it up lickety split! So weight watchers beware.

The blog that I found this recipe on is Awesome with a capital A. The Pioneer Woman offers step by step picture perfect cooking instructions for less than stellar bakers such as myself. Thank you so much, Ree for taking the time to pioneer this cake so that others may have the pleasure of baking it. Your blog rocks!

So if I don’t post on Monday, you will know that I am balled up in a chocolate coma somewhere from all the sheet cake!  It’s a risk, I’m willing to take…(dramatic sigh)



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