Plato Has a Groovy Closet!

24 Feb

Ah…some things never change:) When I was a little girl, my brother and I used to gather up unwanted treasures from our rooms and meet up at the secret spot, otherwise known as the living room, for a good barter. This is what my brother and I referred to as “Merchan for Merchan”; which loosely translated is – your merchandise for mine.

Well, today I still play Merchan for Merchan, but I do it with Plato’s Closet. A cool little place where you can trade your used clothing for new and used clothing. They sell gently used brand name stuff, so it’s like having all the major stores in a mall, at one location and at cheaper prices.

I’m the type of person who gets very bored with wearing the same thing more than a few times. I like to mix it up. So this barter and trade system really works for me and you can get more for your money! I am all about quantity!

So here’s the cute summer Merchan I got today!

Charlotte Russe Black and Cream Appliquéd Dress

Charlotte Russe White and Yellow Dress

Old Navy Softee Dress (perfect to pair those awesome Modcloth peacock tights with)

Forever 21 Blue and Grey Balloon dress (looks so adorable on)

Cute Rose Belt

Brand New old Navy Khaki Dress (paired with that cute rose belt)

I got a super fly brown Fedora hat too!

It was a successful trade and a very good Plato Haul!



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