Hello Kitty! What U Got?

22 Feb

Hello Kitty Purse from ebags.com

Hello Kitties!

Well, since everyone out there in the blogging world is doing a “What’s in your purse”? Why should I be left out. Here we go…

This is my fabulous bag that my nice husband bought me for Christmas. Kandee Johnson, one of my favorite style gurus has this bag and I just think it’s awesome! Everywhere I go, I get loads of compliments on it!

So what’s in this fabulous bag?

  • Three crumpled dollars
  • A zebra notebook that I write down all my evil genius ideas in
  • A pen
  • My cool floral wallet
  • iPhone 3GS
  • My big Willy Wonka sunglasses from Modcloth.com (these really embarrass my image conscious 10 year old)
  • Reading glasses for my farsighted little eyes
  • Cover FX foundation, you can cover anything this this stuff
  • Box of Motrin
  • Two cherry cough drops
  • Hard Candy Lipstick in Knock-Out
  • 2 Mac Lip Glosses, one in Silly Girl and one in Beaute, describes me perfectly (vanity alert, ding ding)
  • Clear lip gloss from Avon
  • A hair clippy
  • My garage opener that needs new batteries
  • A battery for my Nikon that needs to be charged
  • A lucky cat, I got from Japan in Epcot
  • Scope breath spray, dragon breath is not stylish
  • Lastly,  unrecognizable trash bits (not pictured in photo)

What U got in your purse?



One Response to “Hello Kitty! What U Got?”

  1. patty February 22, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    hm let me see what I got in my purse? Be afraid… be very afraid.
    1 wallet
    2 a coupon book from walgreens
    3 a lighter
    4 a screw … i dunno why
    5 carmex
    6 halls cough drops
    7 keys

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