Don’t Be A Bag Lady

15 Feb

Nappy days…those days when you want to throw on whatever’s in the bottom of your closet and don’t bother to brush your hair.  It’s so easy to do when you’re a house mama.  Note of Caution though regarding this fashion, If you’re not careful,  the next thing you know people are handing you their spare change for food and shelter.  I go through this phase every so often, but fortunately I am not in one right now, phew!  I totally think your outward appearance has a direct correlation with how you feel on the inside. That’s why I thought you might appreciate a couple of reasons why you might consider dressing up everyday, that I found on this fashion blog!

A Few Reasons to Dress Up Everyday:

  • Because life’s too short to blend in. Don’t settle for average.
  • Because fashion is a method of self-expression.
  • Because you never know who you’ll run into. Brad Pitt at the grocery store? Hey, stranger things have happened.
  • Because it obviously annoys some people (like the guy who asks why YOU are so dressed up). The fact that it annoys them so much is all the more reason to keep doing it.
  • Because you deserve to look your best at all times.
  • Because cute clothes and accessories are a great conversation starter. Wear something fabulous and people will ask you where you got it.
  • Because parties aren’t the only time to celebrate.
  • Because that fabulous party dress in your closet cost too much to only be worn once. Remember cost per wear?
  • Because it’s fun!
  • Because it’s a test of your confidence. Dressing unconventionally forces you to develop the self-assurance necessary to stand out from everyone else.
  • Because fashion is one of the rare instances where art comes alive. What artistic statement do you want to make?
  • Because nothing beats the rush you feel when you look in the mirror and LOVE what you see.
  • Because you want to. That’s the only reason that matters.

Do you like to dress up more often than not? What inspires your look? Your personality, the latest fashion, etc?



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