Date with a Fugly Fish

14 Feb

This completely fugly fish is a Monkfish. Rightfully holding the title as the ugliest fish in the world. However, this fish is also known to have a sweet and mild taste and lean texture comparable to a lobster. This fish is sometimes referred to as “poor man’s lobster”. I love to research foods and have been wanting to try this fish for quite some time. I have to tell you though, expectations can sometimes be a real bummer, as the general consensus of this ugly fish was unanimously… delicious!! So I was super geeked up about trying it out!

The moment of truth arrives as my drunken Monkfish, the nightly special at Bonefish,  was set before me. Well it certainly looked pretty and smelled great.  A fried Monkfish fillet on a bed of rice and spicy Chinese veggies.

Monkfish lowdown:

– somewhat sweet, but virtually tasteless

-nice white stringy texture

-Frying is not the way to go with this fish.

Overall, this Monkfish dish was good, a little bit of a let down,  as frying this fish,  zapped all the flavor out of it,  definitely would have been much better prepared a different way. Next time,  broil that sucker and slap some butter on it! Turn that fugly fish into a lovely little dish;)

At least I didn’t look fugly in my cute jumper that I have been dying to wear.


This is a no name jean jumper that I got from a specialty shop, while on a trip. I think the big booby bow is completely sweet and unusual. Love it!!!


Happy Valentines to you all..have a sweet day!



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