Wish for Round Fish

5 Feb

Well, I finally got my wish for fish. Popcorn Fish, that is.

I saw this new product by SeaPak on Lady and the blog a few months ago. At the time, it wasn’t out in stores and Seapak was just letting some bloggers try them out.  Well,  I couldn’t wait to get my piggy paws on these lovely little lower calorie delicious round fish nuggets.

I began stalking the frozen food section at a variety of grocery stores for what seemed like an eternity. Until yesterday. There they were, buy one get one free! I looked around as if I were on some kind of secret mission, then  grabbed up my fish balls and headed for the checkout.

Well, these little nuggets cooked up golden brown and non- greasy in the oven. They didn’t have the strong aroma of your average fish stick, which was a good sign. Anticipating the first bite, I was hoping for a light, flaky, fluffy white fish fiesta, as pictured on the front of the bag…and then reality hit.  “Well, heck”, I exclaimed!  This ain’t nothing but your run of the mill rectangle fish stick shaped into a ball. Dang…I think my expectations were a little on the high side for this newly shaped creature of the sea, but since I’m fully stocked, I intend to give these suckers another go.

Update: just popped a couple of these little fish balls in my mouth straight from the fridge, yum! This is the way to go. Throw a couple of drops of malt vinegar on them and go to town.

Roundish fish are definitely better than rectangular fish!



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