Piggy Pack

13 Jan

No, I don’t have a speech impediment, I really  meant, the Piggy is packing. We are making our yearly trek North for a family ski adventure.

Which brings me to the packing part of this post. Let me just start out by saying, I’m a packing nerd.  I’m a planner, I like to be prepared and I don’t like to wear things twice.  Packing for a trip is like a tactical operation.

I need a spreadsheet to plan out what I will wear each step of the journey. I use a mathematical equation to find out how much I can squeeze in the car this time. One week at two outfit’s a day not including PJ’S underwear, socks and bulky ski stuff and that is just for me. I also pack the same amount of things for my daughter and fortunately a  little less for my hubby.  Men can wear the same outfit all week with a smile, Gross! Oh well,  that means more room in the car for my stuff.

Did I also mention, a ski sled, snack bag, DVD player, movies, toys, games, pillows, computers and reading materials and whatever else I decide that I can’t live without.

This will surely put a smile on my hubby’s face the morning we leave.

I will absolutely try to leave the kitchen sink behind this time.



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